Brand: Optimed

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Super-flexible 6F stent with the unique sinus-Micro-Mesh design.

  • Optimized vessel wall adaptation using Micro-Mesh design;
  • Sinus-structure with super-flexibility mirrors the contours of the vessel perfectly;
  • Closed-cell design at the stent-ends enables vessel wall fixation during deployment;
  • Suited for cross-over technique.

Sophisticated sinus-nitinol-structure featuring electro-polishing into the farthest corners.

  • Thin oxide layer for high biocompatibility;
  • Extremely smooth stent surface;
  • Optimized vessel wall adaptation;
  • Robust and durable.

The tried-and approved 6F delivery system is highly flexible and can traverse strongly calcified stenoses.

  • Optimized tapering of soft-tip to 0.035 inch guide-wire;
  • Flexibility and kink resistance for perfect steerability;
  • Effortless stent deployment;
  • Suited for cross-over technique.