NyloTrack 18 / NyloTrack 35

Brand: Optimed

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  • Tapered tip with optimal transition of guide wire to tip for easy passage, even through extreme, calcified stenoses or occlusions.
  • Semi-compliant nylon balloon with excellent performance and high pressure resistance.
  • Big lumen shaft design for quick inflation and deflation.
  • Low tip entry design to ease the passage of the stenoses and occlusions. Radiopague markets for pinpoin placement.


5F sheath compatibility up to 8 x 80mm, adapted to 0.035 inch guide wire. Range: 3 - 10 mm in diameters and 20 - 150 mm in lengths.


4F sheath compatibility up to 7 x 150 mm, adapted to 0.018 inch guide wire. Range: 2 - 7 mm in diameters and 20 - 220 mm in lengths.