CO² Angioset

Brand: Optimed

Indications: Renal insufficiency, Intolerence to iodine-based contrast medium, Hyperthyroidism, Presentation of pathological shunts, Search for sources of haemorrhage, Search for sources of haemorrhage, Display of abdominal aortic aneurysm, Reduce the side-effects of iodine-based contrast medium

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Range of applications:

  • Pelvic arteries;
  • Leg arteries;
  • Renal arteries;
  • Infrarenal aorta;
  • Visceral arteries;
  • Haemodialysis shunts;
  • Venous imaging;
  • Imaging of retrograde portal artery with TIPS.

The alternative to iodine-based contrast media: special stop-cock with 90º rotating valve for injection and loading procedure. Locking slider for fixing the desired volume setting.