• Founded in 2014 focused on the distribution of endovascular products;
  • Experienced team with over 12 years on the specific market;
  • Headquarter located in southern Brazil, in Porto Alegre/RS;
  • Works with a distribution net covering the economic majority of the country;
  • Complete regulatory approval (ANVISA, RADAR, product traceability system, etc);
  • Endovascular division achieved initial penetration on Hospitals (HMD, HED, HDP, HBP and IC), insurance co. (Unimed, Cabergs, Bradesco, Sulamerica, IPE, SUS, Cassi, GEAP, Correios, etc.), and regional distributors.

GFMedika has a complete managing, sales and customer support team:

  • Sales staff for the South region including RS, SC and PR states (04 people);
  • Medical consulting team to perform field technical support;
  • Product specialist to perform field technical support;
  • Business Administrators with a master in International Business;

Bellow you will find some data regarding our current endovascular structure:

Team consisting in: 3 administrative and direct 3 sales persons (south).


Main Customers (direct sales):

  • Hospital Mãe de Deus (RS);
  • Hospital Moinhos de Vento (RS)
  • Hospital Ernesto Dornelles (RS);
  • Hospital Divina Providencia (RS);
  • Instituto do Coração (RS);
  • Hospital Universitário (SC);
  • Hospital Evangélico (PR);
  • SUS (public insurance company);
  • UNIMED (private insurance company);
  • Sulamerica Seguros (private insurance company);
  • Bradesco (private insurance company);
  • Cassi, Cabergs, GEAP (smaller private ins. companies);
  • Network of sub-distributers (SP, PR, RJ, ES, BA, etc). 



During its 4 years of existence GFMedika developed several good partnerships:

  • Optimed (GER);
  • Arravasc (IRL);
  • Merit (USA);
  • Nano Endoluminal (BRA);
  • Alvimedica/CID (Italy). 



Specialized on all required processes for distributing medical products:

  • Registration;
  • Imports;
  • Marketing;
  • Distribution;
  • National tenders;
  • Product support (sales, training, field and procedure support). 


GFMedika is Focused on the PTA Markets

High-end technological medical devices to endovascular applications:

  • Stents;
  • Stentgrafts;
  • Balloon catheters;
  • Special catheters;
  • Occluders;
  • Coils.
  • Accessories (guide wires, introducers, sheaths, etc.);